Women’s Day Celebration at Papercup

We often don’t end up doing the little that we can because we are afraid the difference that we can make is too small. But the idea is to make that difference, no matter how small.

We work with a group of adolescent girls..future women of this society. Presently it’s a small group of 4 girls only. We celebrated Women’s Day together today with cute little cup cakes and ice-cream. We had a small talk on Menstruation (something so essentially feminine) and gave each of them a packet of sanitary napkin followed by a basic discussion on hygiene and breaking social awkwardness around something so natural. We know not if they can shed their inhibitions about it in one day but here’s to a start.
Papercup will be giving packets of sanitary napkins to these four girls every month starting from today. Currently, we are funding it ourselves. But we are open to collaborations or sponsors from Sanitary Napkin brands as a part of their CSR. We are open to personal funding too. We can share the details of the cost with you if you are interested.
We dream of doing a lot but we believe in taking small steps towards it rather than patiently waiting for something big to happen overnight. 

Happy Women’s Day to all the women Papercup has worked and collaborated with. All of you are truly phenomenal.

Love and Happiness


Founder, Papercup